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..Can somebody in the aea help?


Hi All,  My name is Marcus O'Malley and I live in Fairfax, VA. My father, from Warrenton, VA. turns 80 this year. His first car was a 1965 Plymouth Barracuda, and what his kids would like to do is rent one for an evening for him to take my mother out for dinner.

My Dad served his country for 40 years, was involved in the Knights of Columbus and a great volunteer in the community at all levels. He's really a class act.

I obviously have no idea how to find one. I've looked on Ebay but I don't think he would want to own one. But we thought it would be fun if he could have a '65 Barracuda for a day or an evening. One of my friends who is into classic cars recommended I reach out to anyone who is in a car club or involved in car shows. I have looked in the area and I came up with your email addresses and wondered if any one could help point me in the right direction. Thanks for any guidance!  Marcus O'Malley  540-421-2799.

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